iTero Digital Scanner

Having to get dental impressions is what most people dread about orthodontic treatment, but not anymore! Thanks to the iTero Element Scanner, orthodontists are putting down the sticky putty and utilizing a scanning process that is simple, quick, and precise. The digital scanner creates a 3D model of your smile. Orthodontists now have this innovative technology that provides a no-mess, no-hassle impressions option for every type of braces.

How Does the iTero Digital Scanner Work? 

The iTero Element Scanner takes digital images of your teeth and gum tissue using a wand. The images taken by this wand create a full 3D model of your smile. These digital scans are simple to use and produce the digital images in real time, giving your orthodontist quick results to develop your treatment plan.

The iTero Element Scanner is used to determine treatment needs for all types of braces, including Invisalign clear aligners. In fact, using this 3D scanning technology, the Invisalign Outcome Simulator can show you what your smile will look like following Invisalign treatment.

What is iTero Digital Scanner Used for?

The iTero Element Scanner allows your orthodontist to develop images in real time in order to develop your treatment plan. This scanning technology replaces the need for sticky putty impressions and creates a streamlined approach to figuring out the best path for your smile. Overall, the digital scanner is more efficient for orthodontists and more convenient for you!

Who Qualifies for an iTero Digital Scan?

Anyone who is looking for orthodontic treatment qualifies for an iTero Digital Scan! The iTero Digital Scanner is designed to work with a variety of technology to help develop your best treatment plan and determine the greatest outcome for your smile.

If you have questions about qualifying for an iTero Digital Scan or to schedule a complimentary consultation at our Camden, Columbia, or Lexington, SC office, contact us today!

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