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Clear and ceramic braces are a cosmetically pleasing alternative to traditional braces. Although they work the same as traditional braces, clear and ceramic braces are made of clear material, making them less visible on your teeth. Clear and ceramic braces are more commonly used on teenagers or adult patients who are looking for a more subtle option for orthodontic treatment. Family Orthodontics of South Carolina offers ceramic and clear braces options for those who are looking for a discreet option for a straighter smile.

Length of Treatment

Clear and ceramic braces work similarly to traditional braces, but just look a little different. On average, orthodontic treatment lasts around 12 months to 36 months, but ceramic braces may take a little longer. Clear and ceramic braces are a little more fragile than traditional metal braces. This can lead to smaller increments of adjustment to ensure there isn’t too much tension pulling on the fragile brackets. This is why they are more commonly recommended for older teenagers and adults because their teeth are no longer growing, adding even more movement to the ceramic brackets. Your orthodontist will evaluate your orthodontic needs during your complimentary consultation and discuss the best treatment plan for you.

How Durable are Ceramic Braces? 

Ceramic and clear braces are made of a more brittle material than traditional braces. These braces are not recommended for children due to their rapidly growing mouths. Ceramic and clear braces work best with a mouth that is finished growing to keep from adding extra pressure and tension to the brittle material. The front upper teeth can withstand a greater chewing force, so ceramic and clear braces are more commonly used on upper front teeth instead of the lower front teeth. Just like with all orthodontic treatment, take care of your braces and overall oral health to help prolong the durability of your braces and keep your smile happy.

Can Ceramic Braces Get Stained?

Yes, without practicing proper hygiene techniques, like brushing twice a day and flossing daily, your clear and ceramic braces can become stained. Clear and ceramic braces are porous, so they are more susceptible to stains than any other type of braces. To avoid staining, refrain from consuming tobacco products, alcohol, tomato products, coffee, soda, dark berries, and any food containing dark dyes. These pigments can get into the pores of your ceramic or clear braces and cause staining. In addition, avoid using whitening toothpastes which can harm the color of the brackets.

Ceramic & Clear Braces vs. Traditional Braces

Both ceramic and clear braces and traditional braces have many advantages to choosing them for orthodontic treatment. Traditional braces are more durable, may have a smaller treatment period, and are a better choice for a growing mouth. Clear and ceramic braces are a great option for older teens or adults who would like a more discreet option for orthodontic treatment. One of our talented orthodontic specialists will work with you to choose the best treatment option for your smile. Schedule an appointment today with our team in Camden, Columbia, or Lexington, SC to learn more about clear and ceramic braces.

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